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What’s your passion?

If you like to craft and re-purpose, we hope you’ll find some inspiration here.  Hi!  I’m Laurie, and I love to make things.  Crafty things, holiday things, decorative things and re-purposed things.  I may not always have a plan when I sit at my craft table, but I almost always end up with a project to share.  For a quick look at our projects, be sure to take a peek at our Lookbook.

We have several metal embossing projects on the blog too.  I know this craft is not widely practiced in the U.S., but I really enjoy it.  A big shout out to all my international friends who follow these projects.  Thank you!  If metal embossing is something you’d like to try, we put together a 4 part series for beginners to help get you started.  It is way easier than it looks.

Yes it’s true, Mr. Hobby has too many hobbies.

On the blog, I refer to my husband as Mr. Hobby.  As you may have already guessed from the title, my husband has too many hobbies.  It’s not a problem for us, it’s just a fact.

Mr. Hobby is a hunter, trapper, hiker and all around outdoorsy kind of guy.  He is passionate about learning primitive skills like tanning hides, crafting longbows and foraging for edibles.  I find it all very fascinating.  Many have commented that he should have been born in a different time, but Mr. Hobby feels he is right where he should be.  I share a few Mr. Hobby Projects on the blog from time to time because they are so interesting.

Father & Son Hunting

I’m a working mom in a demanding career that I have a 35 year love-hate relationship with.  I’m mostly an indoor kind of girl, but I do enjoy an occasional hike, camping with the family and kayaking.  In what little  me  time I find, I enjoy crafting, blogging, reading and piano.

Two adult daughters and two not so small sons call me mom.  The nest isn’t empty yet, but it is getting closer.   We share family posts in the King’s Scoop.


Although family and careers keep Mr. Hobby and I busy, we both believe that taking time to explore and pursue our passions is important to a happy, satisfying and healthy life.  So we squeeze it in wherever we can.

The blog

This blog started on a whim and quickly became something that I needed to prove to both myself & my family.  It’s been exciting to surpass my goals!  I’m happy with what we’ve accomplished and so delighted that you have found us!

I don’t adhere to a posting schedule because who needs more deadlines?  I post when we have a project to share, so be sure to sign up for the newsletter to never miss a project.  All of our craft projects include a full detailed tutorial – so they are easy to re-create and have fun with.

Interacting with our readers is what makes blogging so enjoyable, so feel free to comment and ask questions on any post, or contact me directly via our contact page.

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