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Paper Cone Christmas Tree
Christmas Crafts, Winter Crafts

It’s All About That Base

One of the easiest type of Christmas Tree decorations to make are decorative Paper Cone Christmas Trees. If you have a few minutes, a few sheets of beautiful paper, you can make these trees!  Nothing dresses up your gorgeous…

Clothes Pin Star
Christmas Crafts, Winter Crafts

Silver & Gold Clothespin Stars

  Hi everyone!  I have a super easy project for you.  Gold and Silver metallic clothespin stars is a project anyone can do – it’s that easy!  Great for making garlands, ornaments or as a display. I purchased 2…

Polish Star
Christmas Crafts, Winter Crafts

DIY Polish Star Tutorial

  Over the weekend, I was doing more Pinterest surfing, than I was project completing.  This is a problem when I am past due in posting a new project to share.  I came across a post with a wonderful tutorial…