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The Great Silver Bowl Acquisition of 2015

I promised to do a post sharing my newly acquired silver bowl collection.  (Please note:  I’m also using this post as a little confession of sorts, including my very own 3 step program.) Aren’t these lovely?!     A…

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Adorable Plastic Canvas Coasters

  Hope you had a wonderful Easter.  We spent some time with my husband’s family for Easter.  It was such a beautiful day to spend time with family.   And . . to receive a surprise too!  My very talented…

Creative Book Reports
King's Scoop

Creative Book Report

  It’s President’s Day and I’m spending the day off with the kids and we had a book report to do.  Today we are sharing our creative book report project. Look at our weather today!  So glad I’m home. …

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Earth Cake

My #1 daughter made a very special birthday cake for her significant other.  He is a Geology major, hence the idea for the earth cake. My daughter found a blog post with the a recipe for an earth cake…