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Dollar Store Vase Makeover
DIY For The Home

Thrifty Dollar Store Vase Makeover

  Have you tried the new Milk Glass spray paint?   I’ve been holding on to this can for quite a while and finally decided to give it a try on a Dollar Store vase I’ve had in my…

DIY Air Dry Clay Beads
DIY For The Home, Other Crafts

Air Dry Clay Primitive Beads

  Using wooden beads as an accent in home decor is pretty popular at the moment.   If you’ve priced them, they are rather expensive.   Sure you could purchase wooden beads and make your own strand of beads…

Daisy Flower Magnets
DIY For The Home, Spring Crafts

Daisy Refrigerator Magnets

    Sometimes things fall into your lap and the makeover is pretty obvious.   Such was the case with these Daisy Refrigerator Magnets.  It all started a little less than a year ago when my oldest Daughter and her…

DIY Glass Jar Terrariums
DIY For The Home

How to DIY Glass Jar Terrariums

  Succulents are everywhere these days and I love the look of them.  I’ve made a few succulent planters using plastic succulents from the dollar store because they not only look nice, you can set them out and pretty…

DIY Spring Antler Decor
DIY For The Home, Spring Crafts

DIY Spring Antler Decor

  With two hunters in the house, there’s more than one antler trophy gracing the walls of our home.  However, the hunters get a little wild-eyed, if I mention dressing them up just a bit.  My daughter hung a few Christmas ornaments from…

DIY Copper Utensil Holder
DIY For The Home, Metal Embossing

Utensil Holder Makeover

  My kitchen utensil holder was in pretty rough shape.  It had gone through a couple different makeover’s over the years, and it was way past time for an update.   I wanted a clean modern look with a touch of…

DIY Wood Magnets
DIY For The Home, Other Crafts

Easy DIY Wood Peg Magnets

Today I’m sharing easy to make wood peg magnets!  What I love most about these magnets is that even though the magnet is very strong, these magnets are easy to grasp and move around. Supplies Used: Wooden pegs (I…

Faux Succulent Planters
DIY For The Home

Dollar Store Faux Succulent Planters

  Last weekend I stopped at our local plant nursery to pick up a few succulents for this project.  I couldn’t believe that they didn’t have any.   None.   No worries, I’m the queen of improvise.  Today we…