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Faux Succulent Planters
DIY For The Home

Dollar Store Faux Succulent Planters

  Last weekend I stopped at our local plant nursery to pick up a few succulents for this project.  I couldn’t believe that they didn’t have any.   None.   No worries, I’m the queen of improvise.  Today we…

DIY Strip Canoe
Mr. Hobby Projects

Building A Strip Canoe – Update #4

There has been daily progress on the Strip Canoe.  The outside of the canoe is just about finished and it’s nearly time to remove it from the strongback frame so that work can continue on the inside.   After…

DIY Strip Canoe
Mr. Hobby Projects

Building A Strip Canoe (Update #2)

  Hi Friends!  The canoe building continues in my basement.  Mr. Hobby has made substantial progress since the last update.  You can see from this picture that he has added several strips and has just about finished the sides…

Building A Strip Canoe
Mr. Hobby Projects

Building a Strip Canoe (Update #1)

  Building a strip canoe is nothing new.  Plenty of information is available just a search away on the web, and in several books. When my husband, a.k.a. Mr. Hobby came home with this book a few days after…

Mr. Hobby Projects

Building a Strip Canoe

Cedar Strip Canoe via Craft Collective I love being a part of an outdoorsy family, even though I am not exactly an ‘outdoorsy’ kind of girl. If given the choice, I will almost always choose an indoor activity. However,…

Metal Embossed Mandala Tray
Metal Embossing

Metal Embossed Mandala Tray Upcycle

  Sometimes it can be a challenge to finish a project.  It’s not that the project itself is hard to do, but circumstances and life tend to get in the way.  For me, it has been this way for…

Metal Embossing

Metal Embossed Tray Upcycle

  Today we are sharing a Metal Embossed Tray Up-Cycle.  Recently, my Dad gave me several metal trays that he had saved from multiple past family Christmas parties.  I’m sure you are familiar with these trays as they are…